Naturheilpraxis Spirea

Heilpraktikerin Dr. Monika Brodeßer

I believe that naturopathy should not be seen as an alternative to conventional medicine. Rather, it should be an addition to the conventional system, a complementary medicine.

Conventional medicine is based on the teachings of Rudolf Virchow amongst others, who postulated that cells are the basic structural unit of all living things. Diseases are therefore caused by defects of the function or makeup of the cell.

In contrast, traditional European medicine is based on the so called Greek humorism. Here, the basis of all living things consists of the four humors, namely blood, yellow bile, black bile and phlegm. Diseases are thought to be caused by the disbalance or stagnation of these humors.

Pischinger's ground regulatory system forms a connection between the two different theories described above. In Pischinger's system, the basic unit of all living things is not the cell but a functional unit comprising cell, the surrounding connective tissue, blood vessel, lymph vessel and the nerve, supplying the unit with all necessities.

Very roughly, conventional medicine therefore focusses on processes within the cell, whereas naturopathy's focus is on the connective tissue between the cells.

Conventional medicine is based on pathology/pathogenesis and aims to heal patients from diseases. Naturopathy's aim is to maintain a patient's health (salutogenesis) and support its self-healing properties. Naturopathy's strength is therefore in the treatment of chronic diseases, whereas conventional medicine's strength lies more in the treatment of acute diseases.

The diagnostic and therapeutic methods I offer, such as iridology, alternative urine analysis, herbalism and cupping, are complementary additions to the diagnostic and therapeutic methods of conventional medicine. They are not meant to replace them.

It is important, both for the therapist and the patient, to know about the possibilities and also the limitations of both systems. Only then can the optimal care be provided.