Naturheilpraxis Spirea

Heilpraktikerin Dr. Monika Brodeßer


Cupping has been around for at least 5000 years. It is not only part of TCM but also of traditional European medicine. 

For dry cupping suction cups are placed along the body to mobilise the lymphatic fluid. The vacuum in the cups is created either with a suction pump or, more traditionally, with a flame. 

For wet cupping small incisions are made in the skin before placing the suction cups on the skin. The wet cupping method not only mobilises the lymphatic fluid but also helps detoxify the body.    During cupping small bruises can form, which will usually heal within a week. 

Indications for cupping are conditions of the: 

Musculoskeletal system 

Nervous system such as sciatica or burnout 

Respiratory tract (asthma, cold, etc.) 

Digestive system 

Circulatory system 

Migraine, headaches, tinnitus, etc.