Naturheilpraxis Spirea

Heilpraktikerin Dr. Monika Brodeßer

Phytotherapy / Herbal Medicine

Phytotherapy uses whole plants or parts of plants to treat and prevent diseases. 

Herbal medicine is as old as humanity itself, probably even older, since animals are also known to use herbs for the treatment of diseases. 

In contrast to the purely rational phytotherapy, the herbal medicine of naturopathy or CAM, is not only based on the scientifically proven effects of the plants and their constituents. A significant emphasis is also placed on traditions and experience.  The use of isolated single substances, even when originally plant based, is not part of phytotherapy. This means that the action of herbal medicine is always based on a substance mix, either from the roots, leaves, blossoms or the whole plant. Administration can be through teas, tinctures, liniments, compresses or pills. 

Indications for herbal medicine are conditions of the: 

Respiratory tract 

Cardiovascular system 

Digestive tract 

Musculoskeletal system 

Nervous system 

Endocrine system, as well as 

Pain relief 

Immune system support 

Metabolic disbalance 

Detox  etc.